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Disarray Summer…

We have had and heck of a Disarray summer. June was okay, but man July kicked us in the booty. We went on vacation to see family in Texas. We had plans of a wonderful zoo trip, and lots of swimming. Many summer thunderstorms made half of our plans a bit damp. Then My husband became ill during the trip he actually have us a real fright with chest pains and a infection. Scary stuff, but I am glad that we are over the scare and back at home. We managed to get in some swimming and some fun at the lake before we left.

With so much going on I really didn’t manage to get much artwork done this summer. I thought I would share what few pieces I have managed to do in my sketch book with you today. I am still trying to find a better way to upload videos so I can talk more about the art and process of what I am of have been working on, but waiting for my youtube videos to download are crazy long. I hope to have one up soon. If you know of a better way to share video drop me a line in the comments waiting 5 hours to load an 8 minute video is just insane.

So please sit back and enjoy these few pieces with some comments below each one. Thanks for sticking around and remember to be creative!!

This is a quick sketch at Cowboy Church in Texas, we here there in June as well as in July. I loved the banjo and steel guitar.

some random sketches, I was skimmig through printrest and found some photos that just seemed fun to try. I even gave one girl a mermaid tail just because I thought it would be interesting.

This is from a book I found at the GoodWill store. I love finding inspiration and this was a Native American girl holding some of my favoite wild flowers. I can see where I need to try this one again and work more on my proportions. What I love about this piece is I only used three colors and black. I used red, blue, and yellow only then when I felt my blackes were not quiet as dark as I wanted I added some true black to them.

Here is an attempt at direct watercolor. I was just trying to see how my new art bag was going to work. If you’d like to see a post on my travel back I’d love to share one with you just let me know in the comments. I made one out of a blue jean skirt with a leather strap.

here is another fun little sketch. Just me playing around and working on loosing up on my technique

Have you heard of the ugly duckling?? well here is my ugly duck. This started out well in the begining but I had a massive miagraine attack me and I just lost all focus. I like the way the yellow and orange tulips turned out, however they look like small fires lol. maybe he is a arsinist duck on the run starting small fires where ever he goes. lol I don’t know.

I apologize for the bad lighting. I will repost some of these on my instagram be sure to follow me and check it out. Here I was working on a buffalo in the forest. I was trying a glazing technique out. I like how it started but then I went over kill and started detailing him to death hence the brown blob he is.

these are some of my favoriets from our trip. I love travel sketching or journaling and this was my daughter being taught how to dive in the pool by her grandparents.

another travel sketch the kids playing and swimming in the pool

I found a book at goodwill that had great landscapes for oil painting but I wanted to try them out in water color. I like how they turned out. I think I will try them on a much larger piece of paper and go for a mr looe approach.

Last one more from the landscape book, I went a bit crazy with the clouds but I still love it.

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Missing Home

Sorry for the long absence, things have been busy as school ended and summer began. I just struggled with the need to write something. I will be posting a video at the end of July with a flip through of my Very first finished sketch book, and start of a look at my new sketch book and any other projects I have completed.

For my book lovers I completely dropped the ball on reading books for a while. I have to get back at it and I’m sure I will once school starts up again. It’s mostly a mood thing. I love to read but just like watching a series on Netflix I get hooked and can’t stop till the end, once I’m through I take a break. I don’t know if that even makes sense.

Now to the topic of the post.

I miss home. Do you? Have you ever? I got to spend time back in southeast Texas where I was born and raised. I try my best to make it home as much as I possibly can. I am so homesick it’s kind of crazy. I miss sitting on a front porch and listening to the sounds. Sounds like the cicada and birds, the squirrels chatting and frogs, and crickets singing. I am torn for the love of the colors blue like the big Texas sky, the green of the Big Thicket and yellow just a color of happiness.

Be it sitting on my isters front porch or my dad’s I am instantly at piece. I honestly feel instantly better once I cross over the Sabine river. I feel the excitement the minute I see that old bridge knowing just across it if a feeling of home and freedom. You can crank the radio up roll down the windows and Cruse at 75. It really is an amazing feeling.

Why don’t I move home you say if I miss it so very much? I know, I want to severally but I cannot.Not yet. My father calls it being kidnapped by another country I see it as a monster that refuses to let go of the past and will stop at nothing to bring me and the ones I love and the ones that love me down. I won’t go into detail just yet here on the whole ins and out of the situation. Just know my family of five is forbidden to move across the Sabine River and be with the family they truly want to be with. One day…we will!

For now I will sit on this front porch and sip my salted caramel tea with honey, listen to the cicada and birds, and dream of a happier life.

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Watch “The Mysterious Homes of Firefly Forest” on YouTube

Oh my, I cried. I had to share this immediately with you. We all have our struggles and we all carry our sadness. This is beautiful what a mother did for her kids, for a community and how some small act of kindness can touch your heart.

This world is not what it used to be and it will continue to change, but it’s up to us to reach out and change it together in a better way. So I challenge all of you think of a small thing you can do and bring others Joy!!

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Blood Fever by Karen Marie Moning ( book 2 of the Fever Novels)

Mackayla is still on the hunt for the Sinsar Dubh, she is pursued by all things and manners of other worlds. She struggles with all the new and constantly changing world around her. She isn’t sure who she can truly trust in a world that should be as simple as black and white she is lost in a sea of grey.

V’lane is still up to his dirty tricks and Jericho is none too pleased about the possibility of a friendship between Mac and V’lane. New characters come into play this book and it really just leaves Mac feeling lost and alone.

I wasn’t sure with book one DarkFever, I liked it, but I just wasn’t I guess comfortable with it.  After reading book two I am ready to read on to the next book. I need to know what is Jericho, he’s not fae, he’s not a man, and he’s not telling.  Mac is haunted by her past over the last book and has to come to terms with the ones she has killed or been involved in the killing of them. The Sinsar Dubh is close by with other amazing OOPs or fae artifacts. I like how at the end of the books you have the glossary she is keeping, I wouldn’t read it first there would be spoilers. The constant battle to stay good and true to one’s self and the need to be dark yet strong is a great contrast in this book. One thing I can say no matter how handsome Jericho or V’lane is I wouldn’t want to be in Mac’s shoes. The fate of OUR world hanging on her shoulders is a heavy burden to bear.




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A Creative Process

I have been working on a project for a few weeks. Most of my work has been a few very badly sketched thumbnails, lots of google searches and Pinterest. I have been reading a few books from my local library and spending numerous hours on youtube.  I had found a local art show that was looking for an artist and I wanted to participate. I actually have until June 1st to turn in the digital images of my art piece. The theme is Peach Paradise and I was stumped.

When I think of peaches I think of my Grandfather or Pap-paw Kemp. He would eat peaches all the time. Usually a bowl full in the morning and sometimes the late afternoons. I even remember him conning me into sneaking over the neighbors’ fence to pick plums from their tree. The story was quite funny after I tossed the plums back over the fence and him tossing one over half bitten back at me claiming “there was a worm in that one”, he left me on the other side of the fence with a “good luck kid” on how to get back over. I was caught by the lady that owned the tree, however, she was nice and knew what a trickster Bud could be. I was fed a peanut butter sandwich and he received a not so harsh scolding from her, my mother was a different matter, we were both in big trouble. Though that was a story about plums it was still a wonderful memory.

Back to peaches, I love going to the market and instantly smelling the peaches, I wish there was a way to paint a smell haha.  Once I settled on a sweet idea of an elderly couple beneath a tree I was ready to set paint to the idea.  I am struggling with my art style, it is caught between being too real/sketchy and then light wash/loose. I love the way loose art looks yet I can’t let go enough of the details to give completely in.

So enough rambling here is some photos of my creative process as I am getting ready to do the final project this week. I may do one more try at being looser in my technique. Hope you enjoyed my little ramblings and the art.

Simply click HERE to view the photos.  This will open my Google drive shared file.

How do you go through your creative process? What is your inspiration process, do you use thumbnails to sort out ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!!