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Blood Fever by Karen Marie Moning ( book 2 of the Fever Novels)

Mackayla is still on the hunt for the Sinsar Dubh, she is pursued by all things and manners of other worlds. She struggles with all the new and constantly changing world around her. She isn’t sure who she can truly trust in a world that should be as simple as black and white she is lost in a sea of grey.

V’lane is still up to his dirty tricks and Jericho is none too pleased about the possibility of a friendship between Mac and V’lane. New characters come into play this book and it really just leaves Mac feeling lost and alone.

I wasn’t sure with book one DarkFever, I liked it, but I just wasn’t I guess comfortable with it.  After reading book two I am ready to read on to the next book. I need to know what is Jericho, he’s not fae, he’s not a man, and he’s not telling.  Mac is haunted by her past over the last book and has to come to terms with the ones she has killed or been involved in the killing of them. The Sinsar Dubh is close by with other amazing OOPs or fae artifacts. I like how at the end of the books you have the glossary she is keeping, I wouldn’t read it first there would be spoilers. The constant battle to stay good and true to one’s self and the need to be dark yet strong is a great contrast in this book. One thing I can say no matter how handsome Jericho or V’lane is I wouldn’t want to be in Mac’s shoes. The fate of OUR world hanging on her shoulders is a heavy burden to bear.




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A Creative Process

I have been working on a project for a few weeks. Most of my work has been a few very badly sketched thumbnails, lots of google searches and Pinterest. I have been reading a few books from my local library and spending numerous hours on youtube.  I had found a local art show that was looking for an artist and I wanted to participate. I actually have until June 1st to turn in the digital images of my art piece. The theme is Peach Paradise and I was stumped.

When I think of peaches I think of my Grandfather or Pap-paw Kemp. He would eat peaches all the time. Usually a bowl full in the morning and sometimes the late afternoons. I even remember him conning me into sneaking over the neighbors’ fence to pick plums from their tree. The story was quite funny after I tossed the plums back over the fence and him tossing one over half bitten back at me claiming “there was a worm in that one”, he left me on the other side of the fence with a “good luck kid” on how to get back over. I was caught by the lady that owned the tree, however, she was nice and knew what a trickster Bud could be. I was fed a peanut butter sandwich and he received a not so harsh scolding from her, my mother was a different matter, we were both in big trouble. Though that was a story about plums it was still a wonderful memory.

Back to peaches, I love going to the market and instantly smelling the peaches, I wish there was a way to paint a smell haha.  Once I settled on a sweet idea of an elderly couple beneath a tree I was ready to set paint to the idea.  I am struggling with my art style, it is caught between being too real/sketchy and then light wash/loose. I love the way loose art looks yet I can’t let go enough of the details to give completely in.

So enough rambling here is some photos of my creative process as I am getting ready to do the final project this week. I may do one more try at being looser in my technique. Hope you enjoyed my little ramblings and the art.

Simply click HERE to view the photos.  This will open my Google drive shared file.

How do you go through your creative process? What is your inspiration process, do you use thumbnails to sort out ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!!


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Paris Time Capsule


Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey

I loved this book it was right up my ally of everything I love. You have Paris, romance, mystery, and just enough of real truth to this lovely fiction.

The real truth is back in 2010 an apartment was discovered in Paris, it had been abandoned for seventy years. The apartment did belong to Marthe de Florian and she was a courtesan/actress during the belle epoque in Paris. I remembered the photos that spread across the internet I was fascinated by how preserved the apartment was and the painting… It was a Giovanni Boldini an amazing discovery within an amazing discovery. As for this book, everything else was all fiction from Ella Carey’s imagination and she wrote it beautifully. I managed to devour this book in one sitting.

You meet Catherin Jordan, Cat for short and she discovers she just inherited a strange apartment over in France. She has to leave her perfect boyfriend Christian and antique apartment in Brooklyn behind. What she discovers is her crazy Grandma had connections to some unordinary people. She is set in a whirlwind of adventure. Along the way she learns that she wants more in life than just what she was settling for, but as always it takes a handsome man to open her mind and awaken her heart.

I love anything vintage and the book just fit into my life. I was so glad to stumble across it and enjoyed reading it. Check out Photos of the Real Paris Time Capsule Apartment HERE



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DarkFever- A fever Novel


DarkFever is book one of the five Fever Novels

By Karen Marie Moning

  • Funny note:  My sister sent me these books to read. I was excited about them coming in the mail. The day they showed us I was actually napping, our mail lady knocks on the door like the mafia is beating on your door because you owe them money. I was scared awake to the point I feared I would pee my self. I thought you would find this funny as I did.

MacKayla Lane was your typical 22-year-old girl, she was from Georgia and instilled with southern charms and etiquette. Her life was perfect! She had the loving mother and father, wealthy enough, and an older sister Alina, that was her best friend, so she thought. Even though they were miles apart Mac hat home and Alina was away at college in Dublin Ireland.  Sadly perfect worlds don’t last forever and Mac’s world was turned upside down the day her sister was murdered.

Mac journeys to Ireland to find her sisters killer, all she has to go on is a cryptic message Alina left on her phone and the realization she didn’t really know her sister at all.  She doesn’t know that she will face harder challenges and discover a power that she and her sister didn’t know they had till they left their perfect family and perfect home in Georgia.


How I felt about the story, I liked it at first I wasn’t happy with how blunt it could be. It is a romance novel with mystery, magic, and sex. Mac has the power of sight and has to find the Sinsar Dubh before anyone else, like the lord master, or maybe the prince of the dark fae V’lane. She only has the help of a mysterious man named Jericho and she isn’t even sure she can trust him.


This is book one of 5 and I have to stay if you like it hot and steamy and don’t mind the whole mixed creatures like fae, vampires, humans and whatever else may go bump in the dark. Then you will like this book. I devoured this book in 2 days time. I wasn’t sure at first I was okay with it. There seems to be a jumpy ness to the writing one minute this is going on then your not sure what you missed, It’s basically Mac telling her story of what she is going through so you are in her thought process. I haven’t started book 2 BloodFever just yet, I have a few other books I need to finish up first.

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Stories From the Witch Store

stories from the witch store

Stories From The Witch Store by Olga Gutsol

What can I say it was a cute fun read. You meet a funny witch named Arelia who lives with her companions Cat and Puck the ghost. This book is basically Arelia’s Diary and you get to read what is going on in her life. She runs a little shop in Burnsville selling potions and what-knots to the villagers. This book is a very short read, but a great time killer. You will be laughing and enjoying the banter of Puck and Cat. There are vampires, werewolves, a door to door salesman/demon, and a few other witchy friends you meet along the way. Everything seems to be the same old same old and Arelia doesn’t know how long she can take it. She has a mishap and a dragon shows up, because of the dragon she meets the White Mage that has been sent to ride the valley of the dragon. Boredom is gone and she has plenty to keep busy with.

Kindle says it is a typical time read of 1hour and 11 minutes.  I read the book over a few days in between other books I was reading.